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2023-2024 Faculty and Staff

Faculty/Staff Directory
Calling 618-443-5331 will allow you to leave a message for a teacher. 
Teacher email addresses are listed below.  
Please visit each team/grade level page for up-to-date homework and announcements.

Second Grade

  • C. Wine

  • R. Mueller

  • J. Rheinecker

Third Grade

  • B. DeMond


  • K. Lauer

  • S. Malawy

  • S. Sroka

Fourth Grade

  • A. Buch

  • A. Juhl

  • K. Menner

  • J. Soderlund

Fifth Grade

  • M. Beelman


  • A. Lysakowski

  • K. Schenk

Jr. High Lang. Arts

  • A. Clark (7th)

  • K. Hake (8th)


  • E. Montroy (6th)

Jr. High Science

  • A. Carter (7th)

Jr. High Math

  • J. Kostelac (6th)


Jr. High Social St.

  • K. Long (6th)

  • M. Trentmann (8th)

Special Education

  • T. Penny


  • T. Reinhardt


  • Lana Foster

  • C. Selman


  • T. Harbaugh



  • M. Blechle

Technology Dept.

  • D. Wasson

  • J. Finley






  • Z. Drumwright

  • B. Toler


Assistant Principal/ Atheltic Director


 Assistant Principal

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