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Parent/Guardian Support

Cardinal Glennon-Center for Autism Knights of Columbus Developmental Center


At the Knights of Columbus Developmental Center, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for children with developmental disorders. We offer a wide range of specialists through a strong partnership between SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital and Saint Louis University School of Medicine. Our diagnostic team works together to develop an individual plan to best serve your child. Please review these questions to be sure we can address your concerns. 1. Do you have concerns about your child’s development? Such as: A delay in coordination, Understanding and expressing their needs, Hyperactivity or inability to focus, Fine motor skills such as cutting, drawing or buttoning 2. Is Autism a concern? Do you have concerns about how your child interacts with you or other children? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you might want to consider having your child evaluated.


Children’s Hospital Speech-Language Therapy Collaborative Care Program


The program is designed to give the school/community clinician information about the speech disorders associated with cleft lip and palate, and the best practices for treating them. Collaboration gives the CPCI clinician insights on the intricacies of school and community practice, and the environment in which the child needs to function. The program provides a foundation for collaborative care among the CPCI multi-specialty medical team, the community care providers, and the family. The family’s medical insurance is billed for a speech evaluation. There is no fee for the participating speech pathologist.


Department of Children & Family Services 

202 West Jackson Street

Sparta, IL 62286,



The mission of DCFS is to protect children who are reported to be abused or neglected and to increase their families' capacity to safely care for them; provide for the well-being of children; provide appropriate, permanent families as quickly as possible for those children who cannot safely return home; support early intervention and child abuse prevention activities.


Human Service Center 

104 Northtown Drive

 Sparta, IL 62286,



Counseling services provided (Medicaid only) On campus visits at Sparta-Lincoln 3 days/week, Sparta High School 2 days/week, and Evansville as needed. Clients are seen at the school if it is in session. During Christmas break and summer, they are seen at the Human Support Service Center Office. Services are aimed at helping individuals challenged by substance abuse, mental health concerns, or developmental disabilities build satisfying lives. Counseling Services include: Psychiatric Services, Counseling Services, Substance Use Services, Emergency Services, DUI Services, Children First, Community Support Services, Sliding Fee Scale Discount Available


Monroe-Randolph Regional Office of Education Truants' Alternative and Optional Education Program


Right Track Truancy Prevention, including 360 teams In September 2014, the Monroe-Randolph Regional Office of Education was one of many Regional Offices of Education across the state of Illinois to be awarded the Truants’ Alternative and Optional Education Program (TAOEP) grant. The TAOEP program is established to offer modified instructional programs or other services designed to prevent students from missing school, or dropping out. Right Track Truancy Prevention (RTTP), the Truants' Alternative and Optional Education Program offered by the Monroe/Randolph Regional Office of Education, is a collaborative effort among the ROE, school districts in Monroe and Randolph counties, parents, Perandoe Special Education District, local support and law enforcement agencies. The shared vision is to diminish and prevent chronic truancy and dropout by providing expedient and appropriate interventions and supports for students who are showing academic, behavioral, cognitive and/or affective at-risk indicators. Right Track Truancy Prevention program accentuates prevention, intervention, and remediation for truants.


Perandoe Special Education District 


A joint agreement cooperative serving the communities of Monroe and Randolph counties in Illinois The purpose of Perandoe Special Education District is to assure that all children with disabilities, in the bi-county area, receive a free and appropriate education as prescribed by state and federal law. The cooperating districts are committed to serving all children regardless of the nature and severity of their disability.


Western Egyptian EOC, Randolph County Outreach Office


The Staff members at these offices are trained in basic information, referral and assistance to assist with problems relative to social services. The local WEEOC Outreach Office personnel are usually the first contact individuals make with the agency when they need help. Some major programs offered directly by the offices are:


Energy Assistance

Homeless Assistance

Head Start

Tax and Insurance Assistance

Emergency Food and Shelter

Budget Counseling

Housing Counseling


If the outreach staff cannot assist directly, a referral will be made to other programs and providers.

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